Mel Gibson Loses TMZ-Leak Argument In Child Custody


Even the judge is getting bored with the Mel Gibson v. Oksana Grigorieva case. Judge Scott Gordon more or less told everyone to sit down and shut the hell up this week over Gibson’s latest temper tantrum in the custody battle over little Lucia.

You might remember that Gibson was angry over details allegedly leaks to TMZ by Oksana herself, about Mel insisting on physically beating on her (and not in the good way) during sex. She claims he was rough, something hitting her in the face or body, frightening and hurting her.

This was all in her deposition to the court, and Gibson denied it. But whether it was true or not, word got out to the King Site of Gossip, TMZ. This led to an epic tantrum by Mel, who started saying it had to have been Oksana, and it proved she was dangerous to their kid.


The argument was pretty weak, and Judge Gordon seemed to agree. He told everyone, Gibson’s lawyers included, to STFU and stop wasting time.

I feel so bad for Lucia. Her father is a raging racist psycho with his own creepy church and an inability to keep it in his pants. Her mother is a money-grubbing, obviously lying human equivalent of a cash bar, who weaseled her way into the life of a guy gagging for someone to stroke his ego so she could get a meal ticket.

These two deserve each other. A pity they broke up.


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