Radiohead Announces New Album


Radiohead is back! It has been announced that for the first time since 2007, they are releasing an all-new album titled The King of Limbs.

Not only is the album coming fast, but it is set to be released on Saturday the 19th…less than a week away. That should make this weekend an exciting one for the masses of Radiohead fans, both old and new.

There are three different versions, two of them digital downloads. The cheapest is a $9 d/l in an MP3 format, or $14 for a WAV format. You can also buy a special edition “Newspaper Album” for about $50 which is basically a double vinyl set, a CD and a collection of fan items like promotional photos of the band.

All of this sounds pretty good, so I plan  on getting an MP3 version myself, even if just to get a good look at their new material. The Newspaper Album sounds interesting, as not many bands release vinyls anymore. But it is more than a little overpriced and doesn’t seem worth it without it being a collectors item for the most rabid fans. Maybe they will be a limited release?


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