Superbowl 2011: The Year of Performance Suckage


The Superbowl is over for another year, and I can’t say I really care. Every season, I stick around for the singing of the national anthem and then the performance at the halftime show, before waiting until the next morning for a rundown of the commercials that aired in the coveted super-slots. Sadly, this year both singing performances sucked hard enough to make me ask this question: was there some kind of airborn virus that made the singers fail?

It all started with Christina Aguilera as she butchered the National Anthem. I don’t use the term lightly. She decided to attempt to jazz it up a bit, which seems pretty unnecessary considering what the song is. You don’t have to add slides or effects to the anthem of any country, it is meant to be traditional.

Next, she forgot the lyrics, which had to be a bit humiliating on many levels. I think if she spent less time trying to make it sound modern, she would have spent more energy making sure she kept the words straight.

Later on was the halftime show, which was headed by The Black Eyed Peas. As one of the most charismatic groups currently touring stages, I expected a lot more. Not from the planning, which was obviously extensive and could have been really cool. The issue was the performance. It seemed like they just jumped into it without enough practice before hand, and it was really rough.

The four were off key almost the entire show, they seemed to stall on the words a number of times, and the dancing was forced. They tried so hard and yet fell flat in every way. The worse part was, without a doubt, the cover of “Sweet Child of Mine”, where Fergie managed to destroy the song as Slash played beside her. Though, to be fair, Slash himself was fine.

Usher did alright, though he was lacking his usual energy. I can’t say I blame him, given what he had to watch while waiting to hit the stage.

There were a number of technical issues that you would think they would have double checked before the show. For example, there was a mic and speaker problem in the beginning, and then the ‘V’ in ‘LOVE’ didn’t light up completely on ‘Where Is The Love?’.

All in all, this was a pretty bad halftime show. You can see the whole thing below.


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