Barbara Bush’s HRC Commercial Supporting Gay Marriage


Barbara Bush, one of the twin daughters of former President George W. Bush, has not been seen on a commercial supporting gay marriage.

The media is making it out to be that this is a huge surprise. But Barbara Bush is only one of a number of people associated with Conservative politicians who are in support of equal rights. Dick Cheney’s daughter Mary and John McCain’s daughter Meghan (as well as his wife) have come out in support of campaigns like NOH8 and other prominent political movements for the GLBT community.

Funny enough, despite Bush’s stance on gay marriage during his time in office, he never seemed especially vehement on the issue. His wife Laura also came out last year to say that anyone who loved one another and wanted a life together should have the chance to share the same rights as anyone.

I think we will begin to see this a lot more, with shifts in opinion. Either way, check out the video below.


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