Tween Love Overload: Justin Bieber’s ‘Never Say Never’ Poster Hits Web


Alright all you Tweenie boys and girls (and a select few creepy middle aged women). Get your hearts pumping and your throats ready to scream in true uber fan fashion, because Justin Bieber’s new poster for his documentary Never Say Never has hit the web.

I have never really understood Bieber Fever, I have to admit. To me, he is just a 16-year-old who can’t quite seem to hit puberty singing age-inappropriate songs in an unflattering – but admittedly attractive – falsetto. He also looked like he shaved the backside of a long-haired guinea pig, fashioned a wig and shoved it on backward over his head.

But I do have to say he is a charming kid, and obviously he has managed to find success. The fact that he has written a biography and starred in a documentary about his life seems a little strange, considering he has barely lived long enough to get a driver’s license. However, he has enough fans in the ‘shrieking masses’ category to give him plenty of buyers.

The poster itself is pretty cute. He looks like any teenage heartthrob, and it is sure to cause hallway traffic at the cinema when hoards of pre-teen girls stop to stare at it.

I think by my reaction to Justin Bieber and the stories he generates, I might be getting old.


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