‘The Bachelor’ Gives Roses to Ashley H. and Michelle


In week 4 of “The Bachelor”, Meghan, Lindsay and Stacey are the three women who were sent home and the other two, Ashley H. and Michelle made the list as the show’s troublemakers.

Brad Womack eliminated the girls who had little time with him, like in the previous weeks. Meghan, Lindsay and Stacey were in the group date and Stacey was the one who admitted to Dr. Drew that she had cheated. The eliminated women were shadowed by the antics of Ashley H. and Michelle.

Ashley H. was the one who sneaked upon Brad and Britt while they were kissing. She interrupted the moment and told Brad that it would be easier for her to “just take a step back” but Brad said no. Britt earned a rose and she accepted despite being cut off.

Chantal and Michelle got a solo date with Brad this week who happen to not get along and received a rose each at the end of their dates.

Host Chris Harrison blogged on EW, “This is the last rose ceremony at the house this season. It’s actually the last rose ceremony in Los Angeles. We usually come back home before we leave for exotics but not this season. From here on out we’re on the road, and you’re coming with me.”

Photos by WENN


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