Octomom Nadya Suleman’s Fetish Video Leaked


You know when you hear about something and even though you never wanted to see it you find yourself searching it out? I would imagine it is the same impulse that made “Two Girls, One Cup” an Internet sensation. That is the only explanation I can give to the fact that I have now personally witnessed Octomom train wreck Nadya Suleman whipping a man dressed as a baby.

I had previously written about the fetish video the desperate mom of 14 babies did. I expected at some point some softcore or fetish-oriented company would pick it up and someone would find a trailer for it, like we saw with Montana Fishburne or Kim Kardashian.

TMZ managed to go a step further and found an entire clip of the monstrosity, meaning that I woke up this morning and watched Suleman saying “spanky” over and over again to a wailing man in a baby bonnet and diaper before even having my first cup of coffee. This day is not starting out well.

Probably the most hilarious part about this clip is the fact that Suleman is on par with every pro-porn actress I have ever seen. The way she moves, the way she speaks, the awful acting, and even the obviously enhanced body, breasts and lips. Everything about her just screams “porn”, and this was her first step into the industry.

Expect a full website soon, if the signs are any indication.

You can see the video on the TMZ link that has been posted above. It isn’t safe for work…I think. Unless you have a fake-baby whipping friendly environment at your place of employment, which given nothing overtly sexual goes on in the video is possible.


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