Kate Hudson Announces That She Is Knocked Up By Matt Bellamy


Kate Hudson has announced that she and boyfriend of nine months, Matt Bellamy, are going to have a baby.

There aren’t many details right now, but US Weekly had the exclusive. According to a source, the two had not been planning the pregnancy, but are happy about it all the same.

Hudson already has a seven-year-old son with her ex-husband, named Ryder. This will be the first for Muse frontman Bellamy.

I think this is crazy. The two haven’t been together for very long, and Hudson has an strange, kind of crazy woman past when it comes to her exes. I have always seen her as the chick who dates all the wrong men because she so badly doesn’t want to be single.

That doesn’t mean Bellamy is the “wrong man”, and they are actually a pretty cute couple. But come on, nine months? I really hope that they hold it together and stick with their relationship. It would be nice to see them beating the odds.


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