Holly Madison Reacts To Hugh Hefner’s Engagement


Holly Madison speaks out about the engagement of her former boyfriend Hugh Hefner to Crystal Harris.

On Wednesday, Holly told Access at the E! TCA event in Los Angeles,

“I was filming with [Hef] at the mansion today ‘cause you know, everyone has been asking me what my reaction is.”

She said, “Of course I have feelings about it because we were so close for so long, but you know, I wanted to see him in person and congratulate him and talk about it and talk about how I feel about it and everything. She added, “So we did that today on camera.”

The star also revealed she has a new man now and he can be seen on her show “Holly’s World”.

She told Access, “I do have a special guy and you’ll see him on my show — probably the first episode [of ‘Holly’s World’] — and you know, I concentrate more on career right now.”

“I’m just kind of dating, but he makes me very happy and he’s awesome.”

When asked if she is happy for her ex’s new found love, Holly hesitated, “Um… yeah” and when asked by Access if she’s excited for Hef, she replied, “It’s a cliff hanger.”

Photos by WENN


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