‘I Am Number Four’ Trailer and Sweepstakes!


Most of you have probably seen the trailer for I Am Number Four. For those few who haven’t, it is a movie coming out this February 18th, about a teenager with incredible powers who poses as a normal student at a suburban high school to hide from an enemy bent on killing him, like he did three others before.

The movie itself looks pretty good, like your usual fun hot-guy-fights-evil flick. It stars Alex Pettyfer, who you might remember as the prep school prince who was deformed by a witch in Beastly.

In addition to just looking like a cool movie, there is currently a sweepstakes running on their website. The Find Number Four Instant Win game allows you to register for your chance to win a MacBook Air and an iPhone 4. You can also play their daily game to win additional cash prizes, IANF books or a gift card for either Hot Topic or Barnes & Noble.

Check out their site above, or text 78247 for your chance to win.


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