Nicole Richie’s Probation Terminated Early


Nicole Richie’s probation in connection with a 2006 DUI has been terminated early after her lawyer proved she completed all of its conditions, TMZ reported. The socialite’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley, who also represents Lindsay Lohan,went to court Wednesday morning to present the judge the evidence that Richie had fulfilled the requirements of her probation.

In July, Richie had her probation extended in February 2011, after she failed to attend court-ordered alcohol education classes.

But now, Richie reportedly received a possitive evaluation and the judge agreed to end the probation early after she has made up the program.

She served 82 minutes of a four-day jail sentence back in 2007 after being released due to overcrowding. Recently the star tied the knot with rocker Joel Madden after dating for four years and having two kids.

Last February, the two made headlines after announcing their engagement and in October last year, Richie opened up to People about being a parent. She said,”I couldn’t be happier.”

“The only thing you want is for your kids to be healthy and happy, and they are. I’m right where I belong.”

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