Alleged Lindsay Lohan Assault Victim Backtracks


Dawn Holland, the woman who claims Lindsay Lohan administered a brutal phone-yanking assault against her while at the Betty Ford Clinic, has told TMZ that she will be dropping the charges and will refuse to cooperate with authorities if they choose to pursue it.

Holland has already lost her job at the clinic and become a center-force for gossip writers everywhere. So you would assume that she would milk is like Capri Anderson in the Charlie Sheen case, or Brittney Jones in her allegations of a one-night stand with Ashton Kutcher.

But instead she is dropping the issue and saying that if she is asked to appear in court, she will ignore it. Good move, your legal counsel must be outstanding!

I think it is pretty obvious what happened here: LiLo had a minor freak out and grabbed a phone out of this chick’s hand. Holland then went all, “Oh no, I have been mortally wounded!”, leaked it to the press, got fired and now has been paid off by the trainwreck’s camp to shut up about the whole thing.

Of course, this is all speculation. But isn’t that how it works in Hollywood? Cash and rehab fixes all when you are lucky enough to star in the occasional crap film.


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