Is Lindsay Lohan Going Back to Jail?


Lindsay Lohan may be send back to jail by L.A Superior Court Judge Elden Fox if she violated probation in a DUI case according to People Magazine.

The actress is under investigation for battery against a rehab worker.

Richard Hirsch, L.A criminal defense attorney said, “If the latest allegations are true, it just spells disaster for Lindsay.”

“After all the chances she’s had, the judge may have no other option left.”

Fox spared the actress from jail two months ago after she failed a drug test, convinced that Lohan needed more treatment and ordered her to stay at the Betty Ford Center until at least Jan.3.

Fox stated, “I agree that relapse is a part of recovery, but I’m not going to be manipulated.”

Another L.A. criminal defense attorney, Steve Sitkoff said, “Judge Fox isn’t one to make idle threats.”

“Especially if he decides that Lindsay was the instigator in the scuffle with the Betty Ford employee, that’ll make him more likely to punish her with jail instead of treatment.”

Both the L.A. District Attorney and Fox had not been officially notified of Lohan’s alleged infractions as of Wednesday.

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