JLo Named in $10M Lawsuit Filed By Ex-Beau


Jennifer Lopez  has worked to keep her past life private and her current life under wraps. This comes with the territory of being famous, and sadly a lot of past lovers can creep up to steal a little bit of the spotlight. One who has continuously been a money hungry douchebag has been ex-husband Ojani Noa. But it isn’t him causing the stir this time, it is his girlfriend.

According to the ‘complaint’, latest gold digger Claudia Vazquez says that JLo lambasted an attempt to make a movie based on the life of her current man.

Even if this was true, how does that warrant a $10 million lawsuit? Does she seriously think that Ojani Noa would get $10 million for a movie about his first marriage, subsequent divorce and barely notable selling of some boring home movies to a gossip site?

TMZ hit the nail right on the head with their comments on the story: who would watch it, anyway? Who would actually pay to see the story of his a-hole’s life? I feel obligated to watch most crappy movies that hit the theaters because it is my job, and even I wouldn’t stop $8.50 to wasted an hour and a half of my life watching this.


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