Liam Neeson Avoids Mufasa Imitation For ‘Chronicles Of Narnia’ Lion Voice


After portraying a talking lion in the series of “Chronicles of Narnia” Liam Neeson packed up his things and gathered up his family and went to Kenya for some research.

The actor told MTV News, “We got to see them killing, eating, mating, sleeping, roaring. I can see why these creatures are kings of the jungle.”

“They have this wonderful majesty and element of danger, this mysterious look in their eye that seems to be a thousand years old.”

Neeson admitted that voicing Aslan in the movie was “an act of imagination” and his research and commitment to the character didn’t stop there. Neeson gathered up the design team’s computer mockups of Aslan and took them home with him, for “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader,” the third installment in the franchise, which hit theaters Friday (December 10).

He said, “I stuck those all over my bedroom so that when I woke up in the morning, I could see this lion.”

Yet with recollections of real-life lions in his head and animated renderings surrounding him, the key to voicing Aslan was one simple directive: Don’t imitate “The Lion King”!
“I tried not to think of James Earl Jones!” he laughed, referring to Jones’ portrayal of Mufasa, the venerable king in Disney’s 1994 film. “That would be a little too intimidating.”

Photos by WENN


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