Celine Dion confused with her twins


Celine Dion gave birth to her twin sons six weeks ago and now, she became utterly confused after the birth of the two baby boys as she struggled to tell her sons apart.

The singer gave birth in October to baby Nelson and Eddy at a hospital in Florida after a long struggle via VIF

The little twins are not identical but the star found that she had to use different-coloured hats to help distinguish the boys.

Dion tells Larry King, “They’re not identical at all. When they were born, they were actually separate, but in their two little homes. But I couldn’t see the difference. I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh, and we don’t even have names. I’m going to say Baby A, Baby B for how long?’ I was like confused, ‘Who’s Baby A?’ This is where we mixed the hats. ‘Oh, my God, Baby A is now Baby B, and B is A’. We were all confused.”

As she and her husband Rene Angelil struggled to choose names for their new babies, the confusion lasted for more than a week.

“After coming home, Rene says, ‘I know how important choosing names (is). It’s such a responsibility to choose names. We have to have names’. I said, ‘I know, I know’. So after about a week or so, we couldn’t take it anymore, so we sat down. We said, ‘OK, it’s going to be our two heroes here, Nelson and Eddie’. So Rene-Charles, Nelson and Eddie was suiting our family. We’re very proud. And here we are,” she added.

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