Elizabeth Edwards Passes Away From Cancer


Elizabeth Edwards, estranged wife of politician-turned-hated scumbag John Edwards, has passed away after a long fight with cancer, family have come out to announce.

It was only this morning that her rep came out to say that her family is hoping for a miracle, after being told any further treatment would be ineffective and pointless. A few hours later and she was gone, officially dying at 10:15 AM at her North Carolina home.

Elizabeth became the center of a media frenzy when it was found that her husband, Senator John Edwards, has been having a long standing affair while she slowly died of her condition. The scandal was further flamed when it was fond that mistress Rielle Hunter had had his love child, and Edwards tried to cowardly discredit her, his aide taking the fall and claimed the baby was his.

After leaving him and failing to offer any of the practically begged for public support, Edwards lost the 2008 Democratic nomination for the U.S Presidency to Barack Obama, more or less ruined his career, and was further embarrassed when his wife wrote a tell-all book.

Elizabeth was only 61 years old.


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