’16 & Pregnant’ Family May Sue MTV


The family on the past episode of MTV’s trashy reality show 16 & Pregnant are angry at how they have been portrayed on the program, and are now looking to sue the network and the show.

Kathleen Green has been especially vocal in her anger over the final cut of the episode, saying that it made her, her daughter Katrina and her baby daddy grandson Isiah look like heartless, unsupportive, pathetic a-holes.

In their defense the show does indeed make them look like that. While I a sure MTV did some editing to make it more dramatic, there is no way the only issue here was their creative liberties. They had to have the footage to edit, and this family came across as hateful and uncaring.

Granted, Green’s claim that showing her buying a DNA test for 3 month old Destiny looked worse when the network didn’t also show teen mom Christinna admitting she had banged another irresponsible jackass. But the whole episode is a cringe-worthy example of two women more or less standing behind a teen boy’s decision not to take responsibility for his bad decision and the child that came from it.

I will admit it, I hate this show. In fact, I hate most reality TV because it seems to take the worse people you would never want to know in person and throws them together for an exploiting wankfest of the dregs of humanity. I would have normally ignored this story, but the fact that they are planning to sue was too much the cherry on the trash cake for me to ignore.

To see the full episode visit MTV.


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