Charice Pempengco Returns to ‘Glee’ as Sunshine Corazon


Charice Pempengco who plays as Sunshine Corazon on “Glee” will be returning in the second half of season 2. The singer confirmed that she will be coming back on the musical TV show.

Charice said, “I can’t say what the story’s going to be. Just watch and see. Sunshine Corazon is coming back on ‘Glee.’ We just don’t know if she’s coming back to the glee club or if she’s staying with Vocal Adrenaline, or if she’ll have a love interest.”

According to Pempengco, she loves working with the cast of Glee saying, “They’re all nice and very comfortable to work with,” she said. “It feels great to be around talented people. I just love listening to them, especially when it’s off camera.”

In January next year, Charice will start shooting for the show.

Photos by WENN


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