Kardashians Sisters says goodbye to their own MasterCard; customers to get refunds


The Kardashians have discontinued sales of their prepaid debit card, the Kardashian Kard” and all the 250 consumers will be getting refunds. The card was issued through St.Paul, Minnesota’s University National Bank and the company said in a statement, “the Kardashian Kard will be promptly notified that their cards will continue to be active for 30 days, at which time in compliance with bank regulations they will receive refunds of any balances and any pre-paid fees the cardholders may have incurred.”

The Kardashian Kard costs $99.95 to use for 12 months. There is also a card purchase fee of $9.95 AND monthly fees of $7.95.

Other costs associated with the card are $1 fee to add money to the kard,$1.50 to speak with a customer representative and $2 per transaction for automatic bill pay.

Photos by WENN


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