Comedic Legend Leslie Nielsen Dead at 84


Another comedy legend has passed away today, after 84-year-old Airplane and Naked Gun star Leslie Nielsen succumbed to complications that crept up after contracting pneumonia.

Born in Canada to a mountie and a Welsh immigrant, Nielsen attended the Toronto Academy of Radio Arts and began acting in secret to avoid punishment from his harsh father. He got his start in the 1950’s, and has been working in television and film every since. Perhaps his best known roles are those of the Naked Gun series and the Airplane movies.

According to his rep, he died in a Fort Lauderdale hospital, surrounded by his family and friends. He will be missed, especially by those of us who grew up seeing his gags.


  1. I still get a wild laughing when he landed on the lap of the Queen of England. I will really miss his great double takes, too. Leslie will not be an easy one to double.


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