Barbara Walters Reveals Eight of Ten Most Fascinating People


Barbara Walters has once again started naming her most fascinating people of the year. Gracing the list for 2010 are some repeats, a few new faces and a few that might make your eyes do an involuntary eye roll.

As always, only some have been revealed and the rest will be called on December 9th. There are some we can speculate will make it. Either of the Obama’s are a possibility, as is Lady Gaga. But enough guessing, let’s see who already made the list.

  • Kate Middleton. Considering everyone in the West has been obsessing over the engagement of “Waity Katie” and Prince William, this was a no brainer.
  • Sandra Bullock. Also an understandable choice, Sandie made it to the list during a very eventful year. She found out her nasty hubby Jessie James was sticking it to a tattooed floozy who liked to dress like a Nazi, adopted a new son and won an Oscar. She deserves the recognition.
  • Betty White. I don’t need to speculate on this one. Everyone loves Betty White, and anyone who doesn’t must be made of stone and orphans tears.
  • Justin Beiber. I can understand why he made it, even if I am not a fan. He is a very young singer who became an overnight sensation. He works hard and has his hands in a million projects, including a movie, a book and cosmetic products. Plus, he had a new phrase coined on his behalf, ‘Beiber Fever’.
  • Jennifer Lopez. OK, but why now? Is her inclusion due to her new position on the American Idol panel? If so, why not Steven Tyler? Who cares about American Idol anymore, anyway? That show has been using publicity stunts to stay afloat for years now.
  • Sarah Palin. For the second time in a row Sarah “I Can See Russia From My House” Palin has made it on the list. This is one I don’t get, as I don’t find her interesting at all. She was the governor of a lightly populated state that managed to drudge up plenty of controversy for minor corruption allegations. Then, she is used as arm candy for a presidential candidate that only chose her because he people worried about him croaking on the job. Then, he lost due largely to her idiocy and now she and her mess of a family are on Discovery. Really, Barbara?
  • LeBron James. Named one of the best players in the current NBA, LeBron totally deserves to be here. He is a bit full of himself, but he seems to be learning and deflating his head since his disastrous public announcement when he signed with Miami Heat. Great job, LeBron, and stay sexy.
  • Jersey Shore Cast. I wouldn’t normally use an Internet abbreviation in a post, but LOL. The cast of Jersey Shore? The only thing fascinating about them is their ability to stay relevant while staying fake-tan orange. Why would they be on this list?


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