Emma Watson scared of College pranks


Now that the Harry Potter star finished with her world wide press tour for “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” and has the time to focus on attending college, Emma Watson revealed that she fears that someone will take a photo of her in school at a bad time.

Watson told the Daily Mail: “One morning I was walking down the corridor from the bathroom in just a towel and I thought I must be mad, anyone could just snap me. But no one did. Not even when I had my birthday party. 100 people came, and not one person put a picture on Facebook.”

The actress then explained, “I’m 20 now, so I’m not a child any more. I’ve been on Harry Potter for ten years now, so I felt the need to mark the end of it in some way – I needed some way to say to myself, ‘Right, you’re entering a new phase of your life now.’ I needed a change, and that’s what the haircut is about.”

Photos by WENN


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