Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal spent Thanksgiving together?


Taylor Swift reportedly spent Thanksgiving with her rumored boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal.

The pair was spotted in Park Slope’s Gorilla Coffee in Brooklyn having maple lattes made with pure Vermont syrup.

A source at the shop said, “They were really sweet, really really sweet”, adding that the two stars also tipped well.

The source also revealed that the 29-year-old Gyllenhaal deals with the occasional star-struck customer politely. “They get treated like normal people around here.”

According to reports, the actor’s sister Maggie Gyllenhaal lives near the shop and frequently stops in. It was also reported that this was Swift’s first time in the shop.

The 20-year-old “Love Story” hitmaker and the actor have been linked romantically in the past and been photographed together but nothing has been confirmed.


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