Gossip Girl Execs Downplay Taylor Momsen’s Few Appearances on the Show


Taylor Momsen will still be playing Jenny Humphry in Gossip Girls.

A source revealed to People magazine that the star will still be part of the show telling, “She is still a series regular. She’s still totally a part of the show.”

“Yes, you have seen less of her this season, but it’s dictated by creative [executives].”

Leighton Meester and Blake Lively’s character went off to college, storylines, according to the source, also the younger Momsen’s Jenny.

The source also revealed, “They graduated high school … [and] they found that it was hard to put all of them in the same environment in a natural way.”

“When you see Jenny they want her to be driving the story, not just hanging out with the mean girls back in high school.”

Photos by WENN


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