DWTS Fans Are Crazy! Bristol Palin Sent Mysterious White Powder


Bristol Palin is doing more than  raising questions as to the political motives of her continued vote gather on Dancing with the Stars. Her atrocious dancing is sparking homicidal rage in those who are unlucky enough to view it!

Just days after a man freaked out and gave a television a shotgun blast to the face in anger over her beating out Brandy and remaining on the show, a piece of fan mail was found to contain some kind of white powder when delivered to Palin at the studio.

“The L.A.P.D., L.A. City and FBI Hazardous Materials officials responded to a report of a threatening letter containing white powder,” the FBI confirmed to TMZ.

The studio was evacuated while the powder was tested. It turned out to be talcum powder, so we can stop worrying about the daughter of the former Alaskan governor and current political joke Sarah Palin dying a horrible death via anthrax.

This is pretty messed up. I can’t stand the Palin’s, but I can’t imagine why anyone would threaten the poor girl. It isn’t her fault she comes from idiot stock, and while she is an obvious attention whore she has every right to be. She isn’t any worse than other faux celebrities you see on television.

What I do find hilarious is that she is still on the show. These “talent” competitions have never been about much more than popularity. If they were, Melinda Doolittle would have made it through on American Idol during season 6. But there were still fans who were slow on the uptake, and Bristol making it this far proves that the “judges” are pretty much just eye candy who make no difference at all.

With Teabaggers blowing up the phone lines, Bristol is going to end up winning, effectively enraging all the normal folk who aren’t wanting to drag Hockey Mom Palin into the whole thing. Which serves the producers right for giving a slot on the show to someone who is best known for getting knocked up as a teen by a douche.


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