Black Eyed Peas to play Super Bowl XLV halftime show at Cowboys Stadium in 2011


The Black Eyed Peas will perform the Super Bowl XLV halftime show on Feb 6 at Cowboys Stadium according to Dallas Morning News.

The show averaged 106.5 million viewers and peaked at about 114 million last year making it the most watched show in the U.S. TV history.

After Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction, at the 2004 Super Bowl, the halftime performers have been The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Prince and The Who.

The Who’s performance last time at Super Bowl drew criticism from David Hill, the Fox Sports President, whose network is broadcasting the 2011 Super Bowl.

Hill told the Los Angeles Times, “I’m watching them going, ‘Oh, no, please.’ If I saw [guitarist and singer] Pete Townshend’s belly again I was going to throw up. In his younger days it might have been rippling muscle but now it’s like mine, rippling fat.”

He added, “Poor old Roger [Daltrey] had one of the purest voices, but it’s history.”

He also stated he wants to watch someone under the age of 60 performing at the next Super Bowl and the Black Eyed Peas meet Hill’s criteria, the members are all in their mid-30’s.

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