Bill Nye the Science Guy Collapses During USC Speech


Bill Nye, best known by fans for his awesome former show Bill Nye the Science Guy that made science interesting for an entire generation, collapsed during a speech for USC, the LA Times reports.

Apparently, he was walking to the podium when he collapsed and was down for about 10 seconds. Stumbling back up again he seemed fine, asking how long he had been out. He said the same thing had happened earlier that morning but didn’t seem that worried and decided to keep on going with his lecture.

A few minutes in his speech began to slur and he was unsteady. He kept taking sips of water and denied several offers of a chair. Finally, he had to be helped off stage and treated by paramedics called to the scene.

What is truly shocking about this story is that no one did more.

“Nobody went to his aid at the very beginning when he first collapsed — that just perplexed me beyond reason. Instead, I saw students texting and updating their Twitter statuses. It was just all a very bizarre evening,” Alastair Fairbanks, a senior at the University, said.

Is it just me, or are we raising a youth of heartless little jerks? Who would just snap a few pics when a man collapsed like that? Especially since the slurred speech seems to indicate a real medical problem occurring. I suppose he could have been drunk, but it sounds more like a stroke or something.

Whatever the issue, hopefully Bill is feeling better soon.



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