Jessica Simpson’s Desperate Attempt to Show Up Her Ex Gets More Embarrassing


Alright, so by now we know the story. Nick Lachey, 98 Degrees has been and ex to ball of crazy Jessica Simpson, gets engaged to girlfriend of four years Vanessa Minnillo. Stories start coming out about how devastated Jessica is, and her lukewarm congrats cause cringes Internet-wide. But she isn’t done there. No, Jessica gets “engaged” a week later to unemployed Eric Johnson, who she has been banging for a few months. But it doesn’t stop there.

Many of us gossip junkies were wondering how Johnson managed to scrounge up enough dough for the insane $100,000 ruby and diamond monstrosity called an engagement ring sitting in gaudy relief against her finger. Apparently, some of Jessica’s friends have ben wondering the same thing.

“No way could Eric, who doesn’t have a job at the moment, afford to purchase such an expensive ring,” a source told PopEater.

“Yes, he made a little bit of money in the NFL and is from a wealthy family, but unless his parents helped him out, Jessica must have paid for it herself.”

This speculation follows news that Jess isn’t asking for a prenup, which everyone can see is an extremely stupid thing to do. She hasn’t known Johnson for long, their engagement seems to be a “Look, I am so over it”, middle finger move against Nick Lachey, and anyone with a $100 million fortune under their belt should just think smart anyway.

She is willing to do anything to clutch onto her man, which we saw in the past with boyfriends like Tony Romo. Just sad.



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