Billy Ray Cyrus Gets Upset when Asked about his Divorce


Billy Ray Cyrus obviously got upset in a radio interview with Woody Johnson, who couldn’t help but ask Cyrus about the news of his impending divorce with wife Tish.

Us Magazine reports that the country singer got really upset during a radio interview Friday on WCOL’s “Woody and the Wake up Call.” The show’s host Woody Johnson asked Billy Ray about his public split from his wife Tish, who Cyrus has been being married with for 17 years.

Johnson asked on air: “I have to ask you because you are a celebrity and we’ve all heard. Your marriage is going?”

The 49-year-old Cyrus wasn’t ready to answer any divorce questions and obviously was caught off guard. He said, “Oh man. You know what bud? Woody Johnson. Woody Johnson. God bless America, God bless our troops. Woody Johnson, look at you.”

Although Johnson tried to apologize, Billy Ray decided to leave early and end the interview, leaving the host with “Oh I ain’t mad at you. Have a good day, brother.” However, Us Magazine reports that Cyrus was heard saying “It’s very rude.”

This isn’t the first public appearance Billy Ray Cyrus has been since the announcement of his divorce. On Wednesday night, Cyrus attended the CMA Awards in Nashville, Tenn, where he wore dark sunglasses as he posed for photographers.

Photos by WENN


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