Is Demi Lovato Being Treated for Cocaine and Alcohol Abuse?


Demi Lovato, who went into a treatment program for battling eating disorders and self-mutilation, is rumored to have another reason why she dropped out of the Jonas Brothers tour and joined a program….and it involves drug and alcohol abuse.

Disney star Demi recently got into a fight with one of the dancers from the Jonas Brother tour, so she admitted herself into an Illinois rehabilitation center. Lovato claimed that she has been dealing with “physical and emotional issues” for years, but has only faced it now. However, a source came forward and told Life & Style that Demi has been “on a tear lately,” adding that “She’ll chug booze straight from the bottle.”

A Texas college student named Brian Payne told Life & Style he spent a night hanging out with Demi where she was snorting cocaine at a party. He revealed that Lovato did “line after line like a pro. I remember her doing it as if she had been doing it for a long time.”

RadarOnline also reported that a video of Demi  snorting drugs is being shopped around to various media outlets, but they have not seen the tape yet.

Other Life & Style sources claimed that it was Lovato’s breakup with Joe Jonas that sent the pop princess on a downward spiral, even being rumored to have punched another girl in the face

A rep for Demi Lovato has denied claims that she has a problem with alcohol or drugs.

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