Pink is Preggers! Pop Star and Motocross Hubby Expecting First Child


PopEater has the scoop, and that scoop is that Pink, the pop princess with an edge we have all come to know and love over the years, is tearing it up on a new frontier…the maternal one.

According to the popular gossip site, Pink (aka Alecia Moore) and hubby Carey Hart are expecting their first child, with Pink being somewhere around 12 weeks along.

The couple haven’t confirmed the news, but PopEater pointed out that there have been little clues left on her Twitter account in the last few weeks, like saying her feet hurt. As a woman who has had two little ones herself, I can say that the feet are some of the first parts of the body to swell.

Pink and Carey have had a bit of a rocky relationship. They were married in 2006, but they separated after two years. Pink wrote ‘So What?’, a bouncy, defiant ballad that acted as a big middle finger raise to her estranged hubby. She confirmed they were back together during an interview with Oprah.

I think these two are adorable, to be honest. They just seem well suited and I think if the pregnancy rumors turn out to be true it is great. Congrats, guys!


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