Pamela Anderson Gets Political; Visits Israel to Protest Fur


Pamela Anderson is making news for visiting Israel to try to speak with Orthodox lawmakers about banning the use of fur.

As an animal rights advocate, Anderson hopes to meet religious leaders and persuade them to ban using fur in Israel. The anti-fur bill has been put on hold because leaders believe it could affect the production of fur hats worn by men during festive occasions.

Arriving in Israel on Sunday, Pam told the Associated Press, “There are so many alternatives to things. We can be compassionate in our choices.” She adds that her charity work for animals “has been really inspiring.” She continued, “I feel like I have actually done something.” Aside from her PETA work, Anderson is also scheduled to participate in the Israel version of “Dancing with the Stars.”

Pamela Anderson is an honorary director of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Photos by WENN



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