‘Real Housewives’ Kim Richards and the Murder That Tore Her Life Apart


I was browsing People’s website today and I came across a truly sad story about one of the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ cast members, Kim Richards. Apparently her former fiance was murdered.

According to the magazine, it was nineteen years ago when Kim met 29-year-old commodities broker John J. Collett. Having had a Hollywood crush on her since her time as a star in Disney films, Collett asked her out and it wasn’t long before the two were in love. A few months later and they were planning their wedding.

Friends and family members describe the two as having the fairytale romance: two people meet, they immediately fall in love, they live happily ever after. Except the last part never got the chance to come to be.

Kim’s love was gunned down by a hit man in what is believed to be a business-motivated killing in 1991. The shooter, Marva DeCarlo Johnson, was sentenced to 30 years behind bars for the crime. The person who hired him was never found.

According to police, the hit was probably due to the fact that Collett, as well as others in his company, were accused of defrauding investors of millions in funds in a large commodities scheme. He was one of six people named as defendants in the case. While prosecutors denied the connection, most seem to believe the two incidents go hand in hand. Was it fear of the victim being portrayed as a possible criminal that led the prosecution to shy away from the fraud as a motive?

But whatever the case, Kim was devastated by the event. It is just another sad tale in a life that seems to have had its’ share of tribulations.



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