Kat Dennings Nude Photos: Real or Fake?


“Nick and Nora’s Inifinite Playlist” star Kat Dennings is on the news today due to leaked nude photos of what appears to be the young actress.

Since Kat Dennings usually chooses awkward roles to do in films, it’s pretty shocking to know that the voluptuous actress is one to be included on a list of young celebrities who “mistakenly” upload photos of herself nude.

One picture shows a girl that looks remarkably like the 24-year-old Dennings with her knees pressed to her chest with a good view of the side of her left breast. In the second photo, the woman was shown kneeling on a bed as she lifts her sports bra, exposing the lower half of her breasts. The last photo shows the same from the chin down wearing black underwear and completely topless. All photos posted here.

Kat Dennings has appeared in films like “The House Bunny” and “The 40-Year Old Virgin.” It has not yet been confirmed that Dennings is indeed the person in the naked pics or how they may have leaked. None of Dennings’ reps have responded to comment requests.

Photos by WENN


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