Poster for Mel Gibson Movie ‘The Beaver’ Makes an Appearance


There have been rumors abound about the movie made by Jodie Foster, which was supposed to be starring Mel Gibson. Titled “The Beaver”, it is a story of an unstable, mentally ill man who can only communicate through the use of a beaver puppet. After seeming like it would never come out, we have gotten our first hint that it is on its way.

Yahoo! Movies has been speculating for awhile that the movie would be a DVD release because of the seriously bad press surrounding chronic psycho Mel Gibson. With the bump from the “Hangover 2” following allegations of severe abuse by Oksana Grigorieva, his past racist rants and his slight creepiness with his “church”, this seemed like a safe bet.

But posters have been popping up for the dark comedy, and so it might be that we see it after all. I, for one, want to watch it. I like quirky, bizarre character-based films. Mel also has the crazy down perfectly, so I bet his performance will be flawless.


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