Conan O’Brien on the cover of Rolling Stone: “It almost made me cry.”


Conan O’ Brien is the subject of Rolling Stone magazine’s November 11 issue.The 47-year-old host shares, “I felt like I’d just been in a car accident.”

He continued saying,  “Like a crazy mix of elation, anger, sorrow. Confusion was a big one.” That night, when they entered the dining room and the other guests stood up and applauded, O’Brien says, “It almost made me cry.”

With regards to the loss of Conan’s TV show, he says, “My wife says those first couple of months, the thing I said most often was, ‘Wait a minute, what just happened?’”

On what Conan did after the show ended, Liza Powel, the host’s wife shares, “He was in the house all the time. I said, ‘This can’t last – it’ll drive us crazy!’ Literally every 10 minutes, he’d poke his head in the room and say, ‘I don’t wanna bother you, but do you know where the Band-Aids are?’ ‘I don’t wanna bother you, but do you know how to use the phone?’ He was so sweet about it, and I felt like such a jerk. But seriously, I almost rented an office for him.”

Andy Richter, Conan’s longtime sidekick said, “It was traumatic for Conan.”

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