Randy and Evi Quaid seeks Refugee status in Canada; believes their lives are in danger in US


Randy and Evi Quaid are seeking refugee status in Canada because they revealed they are being targeted in the US by someone who plans to kill them.The couple claims their lives are in danger and point to what they call the “unusual murders” of their pals, David Carradine, Heath Ledger and Chris Penn.

CKNWV reports that Daphne Shaw-Dyck of the Canadian Immigration Board will decide if the Quaids will be arrested or not. The Quaids are asking for release so they can hide in Vancouver and came to an agreement to wear ankle monitoring bracelets.

According to RadarOnline.com, after the couple failed to show for their hearing last Monday, their bail was increased to  $500,000 at the request of the Santa Barbara district attorney’s office.

Photos by WENN


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