Conan Announces First Guests of his new Show


Conan will start airing in two weeks, November 8 to be exact. And as fans await the day Coco goes back on TV, the comedian announces more news to get excited about: He revealed the first guests of his new show.

Conan and the production gave fans a peek of what’s to come with his 24-hour live cam yesterday.

Online viewers were given a Shakespeare lesson and had a chance to see a game of punishment bingo, a dancing man dressed as a taco, a midnight dance party and a 1980’s- themed aerobics session  and other workers carried on their normal day. Further highlights of the live send-ups are published at

The show host joked on his Twitter page, “There’s a webcam in our offices streaming live all day… If this takes off, it will replace the new show on TBS.”

Conan also announced that his first set of guests on the show are Seth Rogen, Jack White and the winner of Conan’s special guest-poll. Tom Hanks, Soundgarden, Jack McBrayer, Jon Hamm, Michael Cera, Charlyne Yi and Julie Bowen are reportedly joining Conan for his first week on cable TV.

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