Former Playmate of the Year Charged With Attempted Murder


It’s a pretty shocking day for vintage Playboy fans, as Playmate of the Year 1968 Angela Dorian was arrested for allegedly trying to murder her boyfriend.

According to TMZ, the old school model had an argument with her fella that got a little too heated in her Hollywood apartment. Police told the tabloid that it had escalated to Dorian shooting her boyfriend in the upper body. It isn’t known how many times she shot him, but there was at least one confirmed bullet wound.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital and is said to be doing fine. But Dorian is certainly in hot water, after the Playmate said that it was a drug dealer who shot her guy. Police didn’t buy it, and now she is behind bars on a $1,000,000 bail order, facing life in prison.

These stories are always so crazy, especially when you see what becomes of a person who had some success in their earlier life. If she was accusing a drug dealer, then it would have meant she had regular contact with one. Or, at least that she and her boyfriend would have reason to be seeing one in the first place.

So, what we have is a former model who has probably spent the last several years with an addiction, fighting with her man and finally emptying a bullet or two into his chest.

Like I said, crazy.


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