Taylor Swift says Acting is not a priority now; but aims to Collaborate with Jay-Z


Taylor Swift has been warmly welcomed by fans when she decided to act, but although she thinks acting can be a part of her career in the future, the teen country star reveals that her music is still her priority.

Swift revealed that she’s not putting her music career on hold anytime soon. She said, “[T]here aren’t going to be any concert dates moved around for acting in the [near] future. Maybe in a couple years acting would be a great thing to do.”

But there’s one thing Taylor wants to do now — and that’s to collaborate with Jay-Z at some point in the future. She told Ladies Home Journal that her dream duet would be with the rap mogul. Without hesitation, the 20-year-old star answered the question with: “Jay-Z. I know our genres are completely different, but there could be something cool about that.”

Although it’s pretty possible that Taylor would be collaborating with Jay-Z, since she has recorded/performed duets with Boys Like Girls, John Mayer, Miley Cyrus and rap star T-Pain, Swift is busy with the release of her third album “Speak Now.” To mark the album launch, Taylor will be singing on the steps of the United Nations on October 25, the same day her album comes out.

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