Bill O’Reilly Causes A Walk Out On ‘The View’


If ‘The View’ has taught us anything over the last few incarnations it is that when you get a couple of opinionated ladies together it can lead to some heat. I could have told you this from a few of my nights out with girlfriends, especially when liquor was involved. But apparently it is a whole other level of mess when you throw Bill O’Reilly into the mix.

The political Right wing talking head has long since caused waves from his own program on FOX News. Today, he managed to push the buttons of some of out favorite daytime talk show femme fatales.

It all started with a conversation about the proposed Islamic cultural center in Manhattan, a few blocks from Ground Zero. While the media frenzy over the topic has cooled from the frenzy of a few months ago, the issue came up. This is natural enough, as O’Reilly has been a vocal opponent on his show.

Things started to get a little tense, and finally seemed to implode when Joy Behar interrupted a statement by O’Reilly about President Barack Obama creating a gulf between him and the American people with his reaction to the issue.

“Hold it! Hold it! Listen to me, because you’ll learn,” he said, prompting a large reaction from the audience and a show of annoyance from Behar.

From there, she and Whoopi Goldberg became more angry as he spoke of 70% of Americans being against it, and finally exploding when he said that “Muslims killed us on 9/11!”

This caused Behar and Godberg to stand and storm off the stage, leaving some in the audience applauding and others watching, shocked.

As always, it was Barbara Walters, the Queen of the View stage, who took control.

“You have just seen what should not happen. We should be able to have discussions without washing our hands, and screaming, and walking offstage.”

She also had harsh words for O’Reilly, criticizing him for making a sweeping statement that she said should not be made based on a minority of extremists.

Now, I am not going to comment at all on the political issues, either way. That isn’t what I am here for, and anyway, politics are done to death and becoming more boring than passion inducing in the last couple of years.

What I am going to say is that I love when things like this happen. Shows like ‘The View’ become so dull. They say the same things, they fight the same fights, they have the same forced, unpleasant chemistry or tension. When something happens that causes a minor emotional breakdown, you know you are in for some good TV.

Of course, we can be sure that apologetic statements are on the horizon. Both women will doubtlessly say that they acted shamefully by not handling the situation in a better way, blah blah blah. But for a few moments ‘The View’ became watchable…who would have known it was possible?

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