Paris Hilton says ‘I have a new boyfriend’


Paris Hilton has a seven year old BFF in her life. According to, Hilton is bearing out to be a stand-in mother for the daughter of her boyfriend Cy Waits.

The hotel heiress exclusively told in her first interview about her new role, “I absolutely love this little girl, she is so adorable and precious!” “I have a new BFF… and we spend time with Shae, who is seven-years-old, every weekend in Las Vegas. It’s a sudden change of pace for the reformed hard partier, who has had her fair share of drama in recent time. “We spend time together as a family, Cy takes us out to the movies and we take Shae to school on Monday mornings.”
Paris also revealed, “We are in Las Vegas every weekend to spend time with her.” The couple has been spending time with Shea – out of the spotlight – and without glare of onlookers. “Shae is so smart and we love spending time together.”

“We go shopping, I take her to the pet store and to the arcade. We take her to the Circus Circus amusement park. We do normal things.”

According to the site, a source close to Cy said, “Cy has never introduced a a girlfriend to Shae before… this is a very serious relationship.”

The source added, “Cy is extremely protective of Shae and just doesn’t introduce her casually to anyone. “Paris and Cy are closer and happier than ever before.”

Photos by WENN


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