Lil Wayne Moved To Solitary Confinement for Possession of Headphones


Lil Wayne has been locked up on Rikers Island since March on a gun-possession charge and is 1 month short of freedom, but the rapper has just been moved to solitary confinement. Not because of anything serious, but because Lil Wayne was caught with a pair of headphones and an MP3 charger.

TMZ reports that the rapper was placed in solitary confinement for the infraction. Back in May, Lil Wayne was also caught with a charger, headphones and a watch-mp3 player in his jail cell. Because of the infraction, Wayne will be spending 23 hours in isolation and only an hour with other inmates. Other activities out of his cell include religious services and one hour of recreational time. His phone privileges was also reduced to 1 phone call per week.

His release is scheduled for November 4. No announcements has been made if this infraction will affect his release date. But there are rumors going around that if he does get out on November 4, his comeback concert will be on New York’s Madison Square Garden the following day.

Photos by WENN


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