Maura Tierney laughing about her “Gummy Bear” boobs


Maura Tierney has undergone breast reconstruction surgery. The actress is laughing through her breast cancer battle. She claimed that her new boobs feel like “gummy bears” and she’s more than happy with the results.

The former E.R star tells U.S talk show host Ellen DeGeneres about the surgery she has had done for the first time, “I had to get reconstruction done and there are different kinds of breast implants these days. I don’t know if you know, but there is standard silicon and there is something called a Gummy Bear.”

“They have a sour patch one too… No, but they’re different consistencies and their shape is a little different.”

Tierney’s “amazing doctor” made sure that his patient was absolutely comfortable with her new breasts by letting her touch and feel those of other breast cancer sufferers.

The star added, “He said, ‘I have two patients and they each have a different kind of implant and they will be happy to come in so you can see them and touch them.’ So these two women that I never met before came into his office and took off their tops and I took off my top and I got to, like, touch their breasts.”

Photos by WENN


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