Kim Kardashian hates to date?


The reality TV star, Kim Kardashian regulates the number of her dates. The star worries that she will be accused of sleeping around.

Kim claims that she rebuffs many romantic dates and keep her jaunts with possible boyfriends secret because she fears that her standing will be messy if she is seen out with more than one guy.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star tells Britain’s Heat magazine, “I’m trying to be single, but for me that doesn’t mean dating around. I don’t multi-date. What if I wanted to go on five dates? There’d be photos of me with five different men and I’d be a sl*t and a w***e. So I don’t like to date.”

It was reported recently that Kim and her boyfriend Miles Austin broke up because of the distance that separates them. She was also forced to turn doen the rumors that she was going out with Chris Brown. She posted on Twitter, “As much as I’d love to dispute every rumour, some are so ridiculous I just can’t give them attention! I’d be on here all day tweeting!”

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