Cheryl Cole texts Coleen Rooney


Recently, the singer who broke up footballer Ashley Cole after three and a half years, send off text message lately after leaks came out with regards to Coleen’s partner, Wayne Rooney paying hookers for sex. Coleen simply answered Cheryl’s message “xxxxxx”.

It was reported that Coleen told her family as well as her friends that the singer’s help meant a lot.

A source said, “Cheryl and Coleen are close friends and text and phone each other regularly, even though they live a long way apart.

“Cheryl’s latest text was very short, but she made it clear she was thinking of Coleen and understood what she’s going through. Coleen was really pleased and showed it to a few friends. No one understands better than Cheryl what it’s like to be in that situation”, the source stated.

“She hasn’t offered any advice or suggested what Coleen should do – she just wanted her to feel less alone.”

Photos by WENN


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