George Clooney: Quitting Hollywood has Changed my Life!


George Clooney’s decision to buy a villa in Lake Como transformed his viewpoint on life for the reason that he was too engrossed in the Hollywood machine before he made the move in Europe.

The actor bought a multi-million dollar mansion just outside the town of Laglio, Italy as an investment, although his base has always been in Los Angeles for his commitments on filming.

The “Ocean’s Eleven” star has started to focus more on his personal life and his relationships than on his work when he fell in  love with the peaceful place.

Clooney stated on Britain’s The Sun,”I was working so hard on my film projects that for a time I basically didn’t even think very much about how my personal life was evolving. I didn’t care, in the sense that I didn’t have a family or children to look after and that I wasn’t involved in a long-term relationship.”

“What changed my life in a very pleasant and unexpected way was buying the villa in Laglio. That was a pure investment decision – I thought maybe I would spend a few weeks vacationing there. But then I realized how beautiful life was in Italy and how it really helped calm me and not feel so pressured.”

Photos by WENN


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