Janice Dickinson disses Lady Gaga calling her an ‘Idiot’


Reality TV queen Janice Dickinson has slammed the glam pop star Lady Gaga for offhand comments which she made in an article on Vanity Fair. The ‘Paparazzi’ hitmaker opened up the issue about drugs.

The former model Dickinson was annoyed when the glam pop star owned up to being an occasional drug user in the issue of Vanity Fair for September. She fears that her laid-back attitude to sedatives could show the way to her young followers to try heroin and cocaine.

On Life & Style Magazine, Dickinson stated, “As a recovering addict who knows how dangerous occasional use is, I can think of no reason for Gaga to reveal this to her young audience. She is a f**king idiot. The way she mentioned cocaine, I think she should really get spanked. You can damage and hurt kids. I’m appalled.”

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