Kris Allen’s music video ‘The Truth’ gets teaser


Kris Allen’s music video for his single ‘The Truth’ is promised to release in next to no time. Behind the scene footage is brought forward to tide fans over while they are waiting or the music video to unveil. The video to be released soon features an almost empty desert with lighting on the sky.  The winner of the hit show “American Idol” last year and the crew are also briefly seen in the sneak peak of the video.

Kris Allen’s music video was created and filmed last July 19. He posted on Twitter, “I do my own stunt” with his image falling on his back from black grand piano to a mattress.

The making of the video was originally scheduled to be done a week prior but got rescheduled. He explained, “The desert decided it needed a whole lot of rain. So, the video shoot is postponed til Monday.”

Photos by WENN


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